Publication on breast MRI

Feb 27, 2018 at 02:48

Clinical researchers at our practice, in collaboration with Radiologists at Mater Imaging, have published the results of an audit of breast MRI. The results of breast MRI in 181 women with newly diagnosed breast cancer treated at our centre were evaluated. The study looked at ways breast MRI helped plan the surgical management of women with breast cancer.

The study was published in The Breast, an international medical journal. It was written by A/Prof Meagan Brennan, Dr Kylie Snook and Prof Andrew Spillane from Breast and Surgical Oncology with Dr Merran McKessar and Dr Ian Burgess from Mater Imaging.


Highlights of the study:

MRI was used when assessment on clinical and/or conventional imaging was ambiguous.

MRI changed management in 69/181 (38.1%) of cases.

MRI lead to change in surgery: more unilateral in 29%, change to bilateral in 6%.

MRI was most beneficial for ‘discordant assessment’ and ‘ILC’ indications.

MRI was less helpful when ‘challenging dense breast tissue’ was the main indication.

Journal abstract

A copy of the article can be obtained for personal use by emailing the lead author A/Prof Meagan Brennan.

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