Dr Elisabeth Rippy

Consultant breast surgeon

Lisa was trained in the UK where after completing a BSc from Kings College, London in Biochemistry and Physiology went on to study medicine at Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School in London. She has a Masters in Surgical Science specialising in Molecular Biology and holds fellowships with both the Royal Colleges of Surgeons in Edinburgh and Australasia. She specialised in breastwork and trained in King’s College Hospital London and Guildford before doing a fellowship in Oncoplastic Surgery (Breast Reconstruction) in Nottingham.

She was a consultant in the Royal Adelaide Hospital in Adelaide for  four years where she also taught surgery for the University of Adelaide as a Clinical Senior Lecturer before moving to Sydney.  She is still actively involved with breast cancer education and regularly gives lectures to a variety of audiences including ASUM, GPs and patient groups. She writes for the Medical Observer. Her areas of specialist interest include breast reconstruction and pregnancy after breast cancer. She has rooms at the Poche Centre in North Sydney and also has rooms in the CBD.  She is a VMO at Northern Breast Screen and the Sydney Breast Clinic. She operates at North Shore Private Hospital.

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