Dr Lauren Arnold

Breast Physician

Lauren completed her medical training at The University of Sydney, graduating with First Class Honours. She holds a Fellowship of the Australasian Society of Breast Physicians (ASBP), completing her training in 2009.

She has trained in the clinical assessment of the breast, interpretation of breast imaging (mammograms, ultrasound etc), performance of breast biopsy and the diagnosis and management of breast cancer – as well as the diagnosis and management of non-cancerous (benign) breast disorders.

Lauren is the Senior Breast Physician and supervisor of Breast Physician training at the Sydney Breast Clinic, where she has worked for ten years. She is on the Executive of the ASBP.

Her particular interests are the diagnosis and management of breast symptoms and the investigation of abnormalities detected during well-woman screening.

She is committed to educating women about breast health and to explaining, in simple language, normal and abnormal breast processes and the options and treatments of breast problems and diseases.